Three Biggest Myths about How Bankruptcy Affects the Debtor’s Financial Future


Even today, many people are discouraged from taking advantage of the best debt relief option available to them due to misconceptions about bankruptcy. People put a lot of stock in their creditworthiness for many financial matters, which is why it’s understandable that they are not willing to risk damaging their credit score. In some cases bankruptcy may be the ideal course of action, but the fear of having an inadequate credit score may leave one paralyzed.

What people don’t realize is that not everything they hear about the aftermath of bankruptcy should be taken as facts.

Credit Score Doesn’t Increase Until After the Bankruptcy

Any experienced bankruptcy lawyer will assure you that this is simply not the case. You can work to improve your credit score as you build up your credit again. Treat bankruptcy as a new start. Read more from this article:


Three Signs that Suggest Filing for Bankruptcy May Be Your Best Move


The degree of difficulty in managing finances is relatively the same whether you are concerned with an individual, a family’s, or a business’s financial health. However, there are times when your best effort is not enough and it may be the best option to declare bankruptcy as some people in Raleigh, NC have.

Declaring bankruptcy is downright scary – However, if done right, filing for bankruptcy can give a financially troubled person or group peace of mind. After you receive a discharge of your debt, your credit score will even improve. Bankruptcy laws for residents of Raleigh were drafted to provide heavily indebted people some relief. Read more from this blog:

It’s Time to Stop Believing These Persistent Myths About Bankruptcy

It’s no secret that filing for bankruptcy is no easy feat. What makes it more difficult, however, is being misinformed about the whole process. Surprisingly, this isn’t exactly impossible: everyone can have easy access to information about bankruptcy, though some of it is just plain wrong.

If you’re about to get started on filing for bankruptcy, be aware of these common and persistent myths.

You Will Lose Everything

Some people have the notion that filing for bankruptcy means giving up all their possessions, including their house or their car. Read more from this blog