Why are More Senior Citizens Filing for Bankruptcy in Raleigh, NC?


In the past, people used to look forward to retirement, as this usually means they can finally enjoy the fruits of their lifelong labor. However, this isn’t the usual case today, as more and more seniors dread reaching the age of 66.

According to USA Today, 97 percent of people over the age of 65 can’t write a check for $600 due to lack of funds. This may seem surprising considering that seniors have had all their lives to save, but conditions today are not like what they used to, and today’s seniors, Raleigh, NC residents included, face several different issues that contribute to their financial struggles. Read more from this article: http://bit.ly/2or2UxP



Three Signs that Suggest Filing for Bankruptcy May Be Your Best Move


The degree of difficulty in managing finances is relatively the same whether you are concerned with an individual, a family’s, or a business’s financial health. However, there are times when your best effort is not enough and it may be the best option to declare bankruptcy as some people in Raleigh, NC have.

Declaring bankruptcy is downright scary – However, if done right, filing for bankruptcy can give a financially troubled person or group peace of mind. After you receive a discharge of your debt, your credit score will even improve. Bankruptcy laws for residents of Raleigh were drafted to provide heavily indebted people some relief. Read more from this blog: http://bit.ly/2m9GnGD

It’s Time to Stop Believing These Persistent Myths About Bankruptcy

It’s no secret that filing for bankruptcy is no easy feat. What makes it more difficult, however, is being misinformed about the whole process. Surprisingly, this isn’t exactly impossible: everyone can have easy access to information about bankruptcy, though some of it is just plain wrong.

If you’re about to get started on filing for bankruptcy, be aware of these common and persistent myths.

You Will Lose Everything

Some people have the notion that filing for bankruptcy means giving up all their possessions, including their house or their car. Read more from this blog http://bit.ly/2lpUSaF